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Get Resume Help from Resumes Planet

We are one of the leading resume writing services in the US, according to The Washington Post, Winchester Star, and The LA Times.

A well-written, professional resume is your ticket to the job you seek. We know exactly what employers are looking for and how to make your resume effective.

Many people don't like their current job or career. Isn't it time to make a change? If you are looking for a new job, a new career, or are fresh from school, let us help you!

When you choose our resume writing services, we guarantee the following:

  • Easy Ordering Process - it takes less than 5 minutes to fill in the order form.
  • A Resume\CV Written by a Pro - each writer is educated, talented, and has the necessary experience.
  • On-time Delivery - our experts always deliver your order on-time, guaranteed.
  • Interview Invitation - if you are not invited to an interview within 30 days, we guarantee a free revision.

A lot of the time, perfectly qualified job seekers can’t land a position they deserve. If this has been happening to you, there’s one thing that you’ve probably been doing wrong – your resume. That’s why you need resume help – to improve your chances of getting the job you deserve – and are great at.

The resume is one of the biggest tools for landing a job position. This is your one chance to leave a great first impression. You’ll have tons of opportunities to prove yourself afterward, but at this point, you could definitely benefit from the best resume writing services.

At The Resume Matics, you can find all sorts of resume writing services ranging from your resume or CV to your cover letter and even those thank-you letters you need at the end of the process.

Writing about your own qualifications and skills can be complicated. Unless you’ve done this often, you won’t know what the employer expects and how you can present your qualifications to impress them. Thanks to our professional resume service, it will save you time and effort and also be more noticeable during the job application process.

Why Do You Need a Professional Resume?

  • Qualified resume writers have something that most job seekers don’t –experience in crafting such content. Unless you are searching for work regularly, you don’t really know what makes an optimal resume, cover letter, or any other part that comes with the application.
  • Great resumes are more than just good-looking documents. They should be properly formatted but also easy to scan and present the key qualifications of the candidate in the best possible way.
  • If your current resume is not working as it should be, if you don’t have the time or skills to handle this part, do not worry – our resume writing services can take care of it in no time. We will use your skills, experiences, and qualifications to create an impressive application, one that will convince the employer to give you a real chance.
  • Templates don’t work. If you thought that you could simply use a pre-designed format and fill it in with your details, think again. The format may work, but the way you include your information matters. It has to be prioritized, so the employer will first notice the details that matter. You must also adapt the format to work for your particular situation. It’s best to design a resume from scratch, so it will meet the standards while still presenting something unique. That is what our resume services will provide you with.

Why Do Professionals Hire Our Resume Writer Service?

As a professional who is ready to jump into career work (or switch to a better career and position), you surely want to invest in professional resume writing services that will seriously increase your odds. So, why should you choose our resume services online over other companies that offer the same?

Here are just a few of the reasons why our company and our resume writers are the top choices for professionals around the world:

  • Top Industry Certifications.- For many years now, our company has been praised and used by professionals and brands. We have a variety of elite industry certifications that pinpoint our quality, speed, and consistency.
  • Published by Reputable Media Outlets. - The biggest proof of the quality we offer lies in the praise we get from customers and recognized media outlets like TheWashingtonPost, The LA Times, Time.com, HuffPost, Recruiter.com, CareerAddict, TheJub, and more. This has become one of the top places to get genuine, high-quality job applications that increase your odds of landing your dream job.
  • Recognized Industry Leader. - Years of hard work have resulted in something amazing – endless testimonials from people who praise us as the industry leader. We’ve helped thousands of people apply for work and get the interviews they wanted.
  • Award-Winning Brand - We aren’t just praised and mentioned in media outlets. Over the years, our company has won several awards for its amazing quality and service, consistency and reputation, as well as the quality of customer service.

The Resume Matics Offers Top Resume Services

If you’re ready to hire a resume writing service, you’ll have an opportunity to choose between different websites. What’s the top choice? It’s here’s why:

  • If you need the resume within 24 hours, you will get it. If you can allow a more extended deadline of 48 hours, three days, or five days, you can set the one that works for you. You get more affordable prices for the longer deadlines!
  • Speaking of prices, you’ll be surprised by our offers and discounts! If you need the best resume writing service, you can get it for an affordable price.
  • We know that resumes are not the only thing that job applicants need. They need to present themselves in a perfect way through a resume, cover letter, thank-you/follow-up letters, and LinkedIn profiles. Some need a CV instead of a resume. You can order anything at our website.
  • You’ll directly communicate with your resume writer. We have an internal messaging system that lets you ask questions, give suggestions, and get updates.
  • We also have a 24/7 customer service system. We know that this is an important investment for you, and we do our best to provide full-time support.

Services We Provide

Resumes Planet offers its customers everything they need to fill out a job application and land the job of their dreams. Here is a short overview of the professional resume services you can get on this website:

  • Resume writing - Every job nowadays requires a tailored resume that fits the position you are applying to get. You can’t get the desired results by sending out the same generic resume to different employers. Our company will create a professional resume that meets their requirements and presents you in the best light possible.
  • CV writing. Do you need a CV in addition to or instead of that resume? We can create one that will get you the position you desire and help you beat the competition. Let us craft something that will truly capture your professional potential.
  • Resume/ CV editing - If you have a resume or CV already and want it to be tweaked and made better, we are the right people for the job. Our experts will edit your resume to perfection, turn your current document into what employers look for, and send it in a short time.
  • Cover letter writing - The purpose of a cover letter is to present you as a professional to employers. This should convince them to keep reading through your application and carefully check your resume. This is usually the first thing they look at, so it has to be impressive. You can order it now and make it happen.
  • Follow-up/ thank-you letter - Sending out these letters helps you showcase yourself as a professional and consistent person. We’ll create them for you upon request.

That’s not all! When placing your order, you can pick extras such as distribution to employment agencies, KSAs, e-cover letter writing, and more.

Who Will Be Your Resume Writer?

You might be wondering – who will be the person we choose to handle your order? Will this be the first available writer we find at our resume service? Or do we have a system for picking one for you?

For starters, you should know that we choose writers based on your order. Our experts specialize in crafting resumes and similar types of content for different industries. Based on your requirements, as well as your deadline, we’ll select the person with the experience in the particular industry, and for the particular task you need from us.

The key thing to know about our professional resume writing service is that we only employ truly qualified resume writers. This allows us to always deliver amazing results. When customers buy from us, they expect to receive assistance from someone who knows how to craft job application content. That being said, we’ll assign a person with tons of experience in this, preferably one that has written resumes in your work industry.

Experts who work here at Resumes Planet all hold university degrees and have crafted tons of such applications during their careers. Some have even been on the other side of the process – hiring candidates for various job positions. This gives us a unique opportunity to craft resumes based on what employers want.

If you like what you see, don’t hold back and hire us! We’ll help you get your dream job!

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