Should I Hire a Pro to Write My Resume?

“I’m thinking about hiring a professional to write my resume for me, but I’m not sure if it’s the right decision.”

This is what most job applicants are thinking before submitting an application. The resume costs money and they are in a transitional period of their lives, so they aren’t sure if they should make that investment. Allow us to answer your question: yes, a good resume is definitely worthy of an investment.

Why should I hire a pro to write my resume?

A professionally written resume will make you stand out. When you compete against candidates with similar accomplishments as yours, it’s important to be noticeable.

The expertise and experience of our writers matters! They know what the particular employer expects, since they’ve researched your industry and the company that’s hiring. They will make you an attractive candidate for the position.

We’re talking about seasoned writers, who can make dry information sound really interesting. You’ll get a great resume that will stand out among average applications. That’s your first step towards getting hired.

Who Will Write My Resume for Me?

We often get this question by visitors who are interested in our services:

Who will write my resume if I hire your service? Will a real pro help me write my resume, or is it just a freelance writer?

At our website, you’re hiring certified resume writers. They aren’t general freelancers; they picked a niche and focused on it. They got educated on how to write perfect job application documents. They focus on particular industries, so they will help you be attractive for the type of company you want to get into.

If I pay someone to write my resume for military-to-civilian transition, will I get a writer experienced in the particular type of document?

Yes; absolutely! We always pair the orders with the perfect writers. Some of our authors are trained and experienced in writing tech resumes. Others are great for completing documentation for managerial positions. We also have writers trained to complete resumes for economists, nurses, marketing experts, and all other categories of job hunters.

You’ll be in direct contact with your writer all the time. You can ask them any questions or make additional suggestions after you place the order form.   

Is It Legal to Pay Someone to Write My Resume?

Yes; absolutely! There’s no law preventing you to pay for resume if that’s what you want to do. Keep in mind that you’ll share all the details about your education and experience. We’ll write a resume based on that information, so it will be 100% unique. You won’t plagiarize content and you won’t lie about anything.

But what if the employer finds out I hired someone to write my resume for me?

They won’t care.

No one asks job applicants if they wrote their own resumes. What matters is that the information shared in the document is absolutely truthful. It doesn’t matter if someone else put the details together in a readable format.

When applying for an important position, hiring a professional writer makes a positive impact. If the employer asks and you say that you collaborated with a professional writer, they will get the impression that you’re prepared to invest in your career.

If you have the perfect resume, no one will care who wrote it. You just need to prepare well for the interview, since no one can replace you at that stage.

How Much Should I Pay for Resume?

Some companies want to convince you that the more you pay for resume services, the higher the quality will be.

This is not true.

Professional writers can’t work for extremely affordable prices. However, paying several hundreds of dollars for a job application is crazy. When you decide to pay for resume, you need a reasonably priced service that delivers high value for the price it charges.

The prices at are fair to the writers, but affordable for our customers. Depending on the type of content you need, you’ll see a clear quote in the price chart.

A package of multiple products comes with a discount, so it’s the best offer you can get!

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Customer reviews

  • Samanta
    Samanta Thomson
    I never realized how much I was missing from my CV until I saw what you produced. Even now, I am kicking myself thinking of the things I missed. I am very grateful for your work and I will tell my friends.
  • Boris
    Boris Ibragim
    I am very happy with the outcome. Your revision process was excellent and your writer really showed me that they were interested in delivering a high quality product. I am extremely pleased with the attitude, commitment to service and attention your company has given to my order. Thank you very much!
  • Frank
    Frank Legend
    It's not easy to write a decent CV when you don't know exactly what employers are looking for. I spent ages on mine and still wasn't happy with it. But these guys seemed to know just what to write.